Fred DeMarse

Fred started Scottish Country Dancing in 1986 in the San Francisco area. He had to be coerced into attending his first classes, but soon began to enjoy the dancing and music and the community spirit in the San Francisco Branch. Shortly thereafter, he was coerced again to start taking highland dancing lessons for performance purposes only, but his interest soon developed into competition. In 1992, Fred relocated to Los Angeles for job reasons, but was able to continue his country dancing, with the southern California Branches, and his highland dance training.

He started training to be a Scottish country dance teacher in 1994, attended St. Andrews Summer School for his certificate training and passed his Full Certificate in 1996. Fred also achieved his Highland Dance teaching certificate in 1995 and, after retiring from dance competition, his highland dance judging qualification in 2002.

He moved back to the Bay Area in 2005, where he began teaching highland dancing and Scottish country dancing to children and adults. His weekly teaching schedule is full, as he balances a weekly SCD adult class for the San Francisco Branch with several nights of highland dance lessons for children and adults as part of the curriculum for the San Jose School of Highland Dancing.

Fred feels that he has been very fortunate to have seen different parts of the world and have met many wonderful people who have become close friends all because of Scottish dancing. As a dancer, teacher and judge, he has travelled to many wonderful places including Australia and Russia, the United Kingdom and many countries on the European continent, and all across North America, including Saskatchewan now for the second time.

His viewpoint on teaching and dancing is to have fun and to make it fun for others. He believes strongly in learning and practicing the basics of Scottish dancing this is the way he has been taught by the many wonderful teachers whom he has had and his ultimate goal is to impart the knowledge he has learned and the desire to dance well to his students while creating a social environment that is friendly, supportive and fun.

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