RSCDS Saskatchewan Branch
75th Anniversary Dances

Devised by Craig Williams
Snow Flurry JigJig32 bars3 couples
Rick's Farewell to SaskatoonReel40 bars3 couples
Insignificant FoolishnessStrathspey32 bars2 couples
After HoursStrathspey32 bars3 couples
Devised by Olive Ogilvie
The Middleton-Shore StrathspeyStrathspey48 bars4 couples
The Committee's DecisionJig48 bars4 couples
Devised by George Ogilvie
Welcome to Fort SanStrathspey32 bars4 couples
River TayJig32 bars4 couples
HangoverReel32 bars4 couples
Devised By Ferne Katzberg
Haggis on the WindowStrathspey128 bars4 couples
Wellington RantJig32 bars3 couples
Prairie Lily StrathspeyStrathspey32 bars3 couples
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