Dance With a Friend
Eleven Dances from the Canadian Prairies

Devised by Ferne Katzberg
Fergie's FancyReel32 bars3 couples
Christmas SnowStrathspey48 bars4 couples
The Happy WanderersJig32 bars3 couples
The Prairie Lily StrathspeyStrathspey32 bars3 couples
The Prairie PipersMedley (S/R)32S+32R3 couples
The Fort Qu'Appelle BreakdownJig32 bars3 couples
By the Light of the Harvest MoonReel32 bars3 couples
Beginner's LuckJig32 bars2 couples
It's Morning Time!Reel32 bars3 couples
The Bonnie Lass from HuntleyStrathspey32 bars3 couples
Dance with a FriendStrathspey32 bars4 couples

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